The Reece Foundation

The Reece Foundation is a charitable organisation that has developed the vision and exists to fund North East engineering, manufacturing and environmental initiatives to support sustainable prosperity in the region. Aware of the crucial role access to nature and the protection of wild places have on the well-being of the region, they are helping to realise the potential of The Ouse Burn Way by creating a fund to leverage the support this project will require to improve the current degradation within the environment and create a green, attractive and accessible corridor in the city.

Newcastle City Council & North Tyneside Council

As Local Authorities, Newcastle City Council and North Tyneside Council have ownership and control of substantial portions of the Ouse Burn Way. Both have an important role to play as they are the planning authorities governing development control on the Way and have access to funding for certain approved development policies that may apply to the implementation of the Vision. They will work with other interested parties to identify priorities for action and consider and set out all other council-wide strategies and policies for planning, highways, active travel, flooding, parks, public amenities etc. and how they apply the enable to broad objectives of the vision to be achieved.

Cllr Nick Kemp, Leader of Newcastle City Council, said:

“Ouseburn is an incredibly vibrant and culturally rich part of our city which is already loved by so many people in Newcastle and from further afield.

“I have personally been actively involved in the regeneration of the Ouseburn for almost twenty years and am always keen to support new initiatives that continue to enhance the environment.

“I’m really pleased to welcome The Ouse Burn Way initiative to further improve this special area while enhancing our green credentials and helping more of our residents and visitors engage with the natural environment of the Ouseburn Valley.”

Northumbrian Water & Environment Agency

Northumbrian Water and the Environment Agency are in the position of dealing with the required significant reduction of pollution in the Ouse Burn and its tributaries and will use their expertise in the natural world to help achieve the broad objectives of the Vision. The Environment Agency will develop partnerships that can deliver improvements to water quality, wildlife, flood risk reduction, amenity and secure wider benefits for the local community. Northumbrian Water will focus on a programme of works to significantly reduce the level of pollution within the Ouseburn and River Letch catchment area, as well as seek to educate business, schools and residents within the catchment area on the work they could do to alleviate the pollution problem.

Download our Vision Document

Our in-depth brochure outlines all of our proposed plans and aims to:

  • Define the potential of the Ouse Burn and the Letch as a major recreational resource of benefit to the residents of Tyne and Wear
  • Seek the support of all those bodies with an interest in the area to agree a comprehensive strategy that meets local and national objectives and secures the long term development and maintenance of the corridor
  • Work closely with local communities in the evolution of the project

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